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I create art because it feels good, and it centers my restless, crazy mind. I feel like I am where I am supposed to be whenever I am drawing. There is a certain meditative quality in the redundant gestures and sounds of pencil scratching on paper. My art work depicts the inverse relationship of my desires and dreams with my restless nature and wickedness.

I started a painting!!!

Well worked on one that I started 3 years ago . . . 

Portrait of Sienna

She is missed and loved!

If I am surrounded by troubles . . .

. . . I surrender. That is victory to me.

I love that I love that life is simple.

This is all I care about these days: God, Sonya, Art, my dog. I used to be so spread thin in life. 

I have faith that there is someone better for me.

My daughter can see it so clearly but I am blinded. I send love to the evil one so I can be set free. Doesn't it suck that it has to be that way? If you hate on the person, you stay attached and can never be free of them in your head.

I was almost free of the evil and vicious person.

Do you ever feel that you are in a situation and there is no way out? I know that there is. This person has nothing but hatred in his heart. All good things come to me - therefore, I rid myself of this evil, selfish, hateful entity.