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I create art because it feels good, and it centers my restless, crazy mind. I feel like I am where I am supposed to be whenever I am drawing. There is a certain meditative quality in the redundant gestures and sounds of pencil scratching on paper. My art work depicts the inverse relationship of my desires and dreams with my restless nature and wickedness.

The Dead Rat

Were I a farmer, I would call you VERMIN
Because you would be the VILLAIN
Of my crops and gnaw at my WEALTH.

But I am not a farmer,
Only one that walks the farmer's fields.

When I came across your stiffened body, DEAD,
Lying ALONE,
I knew that there was BEAUTY.

The Death of FAKE

FAKE = to conceal the defects of or make appear more attractive, interesting - usually in order to deceive.

The past is behind me and I have FINALLY moved on!